Thursday, April 29, 2010

Volcano's Can't Stop Us

April 19, 2010
5 pm
Cairo, Egypt

blog_april_19_2010_1[1] I must say I’m a little surprised, but Mikey Wier and I are sitting here at Cairo Airport waiting for our domestic flight down to the southern city of Aswan, Egypt near the massive Lake Nasser. We are going to be fishing tomorrow! And to top it off, Brent Dawson (Warpath) is rolling into Cairo in about three hours. Warpath officially could not make the Delta NYC to Cairo flight that Mikey and I flew on last night, so he bought a one-way ticket from San Fran to Amman, Jordan and then to Cairo at the airport! He spent a fortune but I guess it was kind of like, “I need to catch some Nile Perch” and he just flat out bought it. I like his spirit!

That’s about all there is to say on the trip so far. We are a little exhausted from the stress of worrying we wouldn’t make the trip and then of course the 26 hours of flying. That’s all behind us now and hopefully tomorrow night I will be reporting from our camp on Lake Nasser after a great day of fishing.

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