Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Fort Frame

blog_Dec_28_2010_1[1] I’m headed to the frame shop to drop off these two 12” x 16” original watercolors I finished for the Watercolor Magic Art Show to be held in Jackson, Wyoming January 14th thru February 11th. The show will exhibit at the Art Center, Theater Gallery. One of the pieces is of a Snake River Cutthroat Granny caught this summer and the other is of the best tigerfish I caught in Tanzania in November. While both are for sale, I doubt the tigerfish will sell because it’s such an exotic fish that few anglers have caught, however it will be a definite eye catcher. What’s really cool about this tigerfish painting is I don’t care if it sells. We don’t have a single painting of mine hanging in our house. This one will hang proudly in our guestroom.

blog_Dec_28_2010_2[1] I may also sell unlimited prints of both these fish. I’m headed for Staples before the framer to investigate the chances of starting an unlimited print series that will be very affordable. Stay tuned on this because my goal is to have any species you want for sale as a print in the very near future.

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  1. Jeff The paintings are kick as that tiger is wicked. A guy better be careful taking the hook out of that fish's mouth.

  2. The tigerfish is fine looking. I was lucky enough to catch about half a dozen up to 10 lbs. on the Okovango River in Botswana way too many years ago now. Still have the tattered flies and broken wire leaders to remind me of that day! Will look for the paintings at the Art Center. Thanks. Tobin Kelley

  3. Tobin,

    Thanks! Glad you like him and especially since you are one of the rare guys to of even caught them. My wife and I camped in Guma Lagoon in the Okavango back in 2005. We got into the tigers good also - a great place! I'm glad you will see the tiger painting in person. Jeff