Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Santa Barbara Fishing

Sunrise in Santa Barbara, California was spectacular this morning. The Pacific Ocean was as calm as a bass pond. I grabbed my 8-weight and some orangey crab patterns and Clouser like shrimps and headed for the wharf. There was hardly anyone on the huge dock and I had plenty of room to cast along parked boats and along the rip rap. I felt confident to start but after an hour without a strike or a follow that feeling left me. I walked to the very end of the wharf and cast to the open ocean but nothing. You can’t catch them all the time. Giving it a try was a great way to spend a couple hours.

Granny and I drove the back way to Fresno, California this afternoon. It was a great drive. We went up the 101 just past San Luis Obispo and then we cut on to Route 41 all the way to Fresno. It’s amazing all the different types of terrain we saw along the way. It was a very cool drive. We came to Fresno because I speak to the Fresno Fly Fishers tomorrow night before the late night drive up to Pleasanton for the next Fly Fishing Show.

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