Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Musky Coundown

September was a great month as usual. The fishing was outstanding and plentiful and the weather was the best ever. Yesterday, our final day of the month reached 83ยบ! By the looks, the first few days of October will continue to be gorgeous, but then on Wednesday the Equinox storm arrives and we just may have a little snow by the weekend.

Today Granny and my folks who are visiting are headed to Yellowstone for the weekend. I packed my 4-weight RX Ross and a box of mahogany duns. While most anglers are running to the Madison River to intercept migrating browns dad and I will spend a few hours on the Yellowstone River, Slough Creek and tomorrow we’ll take a stroll through the Gibbon Meadows.

On the books for October is some great fishing around home, a few days chasing grass carp (white Amur) in Arizona and a week to northern Wisconsin for musky. I’m really excited about it all but especially the musky trip. Here’s a picture of some friends who are having some fantastic musky fishing as we speak. I can’t wait!

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