Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Done!

A monster project is done!  I have just completed two months of work in a month so I can get extra fishing time.  As I’ve mentioned in the last two previous posts, I’ve been doing illustrations for a new book by Boots Allen.  This book will probably be titled, Modern Fly Fishing for Trout and will hit the stands in spring 2013.  Judging by the types of illustrations I completed this should be a very high quality book with tons of great information.  Here’s a couple samples of the 31 one paintings I did for the book. 

Now that the big project is complete I can start fishing my butt off.  This starts today as I head for Blackfoot Reservoir to pre-fish before the “Fin Chasers Carp Classic”.  This is a fly fishing only tourney for carp that I compete in each year.  It’s a three man team deal and my partners are Ben Smith and Trey Scharp.  Our team name is “Could be Worse”.  That title was based on the horrific weather we experienced the last two years.  In fact two years ago was our first attempt and we got second place.  Last year we stunk it up good however.  No matter what the result this year, this four day camping trip is an absolute blast!  Results, stories and photos upon return on Sunday.

Maybe I should bring young Sierra as one of my partners!

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  1. Looking forward to the book, and what a great picture of Sierra and her mirror carp. She must have a place on the team! :)