Sunday, September 16, 2012

Update on Dad and Fishing

The blog has been a bit quiet but this will change now.  I simply needed to catch up on a pile of work after being away a month for Dads surgery followed by immediately jumping right into the Jackson Hole One Fly.

Now my work is under control and I even relished in some of the basics that being home is all about.  Like drinking coffee on the back porch watching the birds hammer our sunflower seeds and ending the day with a nice front porch cocktail hour with Granny enjoying the orangey sunsets we’re having because of the forest fires.  I even kicked back, watched baseball all day and painted this steelhead.  It’s been good but I’m pleased to say Granny and I will be fishing a special place this week. 

As for Dad, things have not gone well of late.  You may remember that when I left New Hampshire on September 4 I was pleased that Dad was finally out of the hospital and settled into a rehab-nursing home close to Mom.  Things were going very well and he was truly improving.  Then on Saturday night during the One Fly he took a fall from his wheel chair.  Everything seemed ok.  But on Wednesday night he ended up back in the hospital due to complications and now a bladder infection.  This is a tough road.


  1. Jeff, I cant even imagine what it would be like dealing with the condition of your father. I hope everything turns out ok, especially because you have a number of people looking forward to you coming to Boise in January. Best, Erik

  2. Thanks Erik. We Currier's are fighters. I think he'll come to it's just taking much longer than the doctors thought.

    Don't you worry, I'll see you guys in Boise rain or shine. I look forward to it. You know how much I love to talk fishing and teach casting!