Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 5 - Bury me in the Amazon

February 13, 2013

Things started as another sunshiny day but I’m on the dreaded deathbed again.  I didn’t seem possible that I could feel worse than two days ago but whatever sickness I have is like a plague.  Nonetheless I managed to board the boat with Milkfish and Antonio.  I spent much of the morning sleeping in the boat seat absorbing the intense sun.  Every inch of my body was throbbing like perhaps this is the flu.

Milkfish fished hard but for us the day was a slow one.  We’ve been averaging and astounding 80 peacocks a day per boat but today Milky and I caught around 50.  I’m sure my lack of fishing didn’t help our numbers.  Although the fishing stunk for us, there were some big fish caught as usual.  The fish of note today was Tim Brune’s 12lb peacock.  What was special about his is that he and Dawes took the initiative to get out on a beach and take several fantastic pics like this one.  Sunshine and a big colorful peacock, the ultimate hero shot combo.

I survived the day.  I honestly couldn’t tell you much about it however.   After fishing we got our first chance to enjoy sitting outside for cocktail hour.  Tonight was probably my first ever without joining in on the beer drinking.  The body simply doesn’t want anything.  Another early night and short blog. 

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