Friday, March 15, 2013

The Mad River of Ohio

To say the incredibly straight-lined Mad River looked mad today would be an understatement.  Mike Schmidt and I left Baldwin, Michigan at 7 PM last night and drove 7 hours to his home in Dublin, Ohio.  We did this for two reasons; one because I was speaking to Central Ohio Fly Fishers in Columbus tonight and the other so I could make my first ever cast in Ohio on their top trout stream, the Mad River.  Let’s just say we put my first cast in Ohio off for another visit.

The warm weather and intense rain blew out every body of water within three hundred miles of Dublin, Ohio including Mike’s favorite smallmouth river.  This picture of the smallmouth river showcases one of the most blown out rivers I’ve ever seen! 

Despite the lack of fishing today the tour Mike gave me was cool.  Even on such a gray day this part of Ohio is quite beautiful and I never would have known.  Not only that, there’s a couple great pubs in the area that come in handy when fishing conditions are nonexistent.  Best of all, we had a huge turnout for my presentation tonight and I met a bunch of great folks.  A big thank you to Mike Schmidt and the folks of Central Ohio Fly Fishers for having me!