Saturday, November 7, 2009

225 Species of Fly Caught Fish - No Far Flung Fish Fables, Forgeries, Fibs, Fiction, Fallacies, Fertilizer or Fairytales

Thousands and thousands of air miles, airline cuisine (yuck), endless hours waiting in dirt strip airports for lost luggage, journeys across oceans and continents, sleeping under the stars, a tree branch, a tent, in the dirt on or near a critter colony, hundreds of yards of trashed fly lines, pounds of lost streamers, dries and nymphs, gallons of Gink and warm beer, busted fly rods, demolished fly reels, useless dead-end hand drawn maps on bar napkins, forgotten names, faces, pungent smells, hundreds of rolls of 35mm film (thank God now for digital) blisters, calluses, sunburn, diarrhea, frostbite, sprains and pains, countless skeeter bites, spectacular rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, ditches, channels, culverts and miscellaneous mud holes ...

FISH are where you find them !

View lots o' fish in a larger map

Thanks to Google Maps and internet magic, I'm now able to share with you the locations of every one of the 225 species of fish I've caught on a fly rod, since I was but a wee little one on the banks of a pond in New England, to my latest adventure in Baja California in November 2009 and beyond.

I'll be adding new data to this Google Map as often as time permits, so check back often. I'll include the common and Latin name of the fish, the name of the water found and they'll be marked on the map with a little fish icon.

The right hand side of my blog is where this map will always reside.

Global Fly Fishing Web Site


  1. Jeff

    In Cabo finishing up the WON Tuna bash. Headed for East Cape later today. Then to La Paz for the snook snap going off. Where are you?

    Gary Graham

  2. Hi Gary,
    Man, it would of been great to see you while we were both in Cabo. My trip up the Cape was completely unplanned otherwise I'd of contacted you. Hope to meet up with you soon.