Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time to do Some Artwork

It looks like all I do is fish, but I actually stay pretty busy very early in the mornings before fishing and then very late at night after fishing. This week I have been working on a huge Snake River Cutthroat painting. Today I finally put on the finishing touches and I’m pleased with the final product. The watercolor pen & ink is 22” x 30” in size and I sell it unframed for $1250 plus $30 shipping. Unless I sell it in the next 48 hours, it will be headed to the framer and then to Wyoming Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming (307 733-7548) where I display and sell my work.

Snake River Cutthroats are the native fish in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area and in my opinion one of the prettiest of all trout. I love painting them even though they have so many small spots my eyes start to pop out when I apply them!

This cutty took me about ten days from start to finish. That’s putting a few hours in here and there whenever the artistic mood hits. And of course when I’m not on the water!

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