Friday, July 1, 2011

The End of the Record

I probably popped off a couple times over the years on my blog that I’ve never been skunked on Island Park Reservoir. It’s a tough lake and worth a brag or two if you always catch at least a fish. But today that perfect record came to an end.

Look back exactly a week and you will see the blog where Rick Schreiber and I fished Jenny Lake. We absolutely put the smack on the mackinaw and even snuck in a few cutties. Well today at Island Park Reservoir the fish put the smack on us. We were the men of a thousand casts and no fish.

I drove up to Island Park this morning. I met Rick at the TroutHunter at 8 AM. You already know how much I love it up there so I was there early and hung with a few of the usual crowd, most of who are heading home today. Then Rick and I drove the long dirt road to the west end of the lake. It’s an area of finger shaped bays and usually big fish hunting nymphs. We motored around so Rick could see the lake then we began fishing, and fishing. and fishing. . . Before we knew it the clock struck 7 PM and we hadn’t landed a fish. We both thought we had a touch once during the day and we saw a total of 5 rises. It was brutal!

On the bright side, it was a gorgeous day on the lake. The wind blew lightly only on occasion. It wasn’t too cold or too hot, and the scenery on Island Park is breathtaking. We called it a day kind of early, two hours before sunset because Granny set us up with steaks all carnivores dream of. We feasted and tonight we are camped in pure paradise. You don’t always catch fish!

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