Monday, July 4, 2011

Serious Runoff

We experienced some very hot weather the last few days and the snow is a melting! It’s so hot we have cicadas attacking my lawn mower! They don’t do so well either. We had high water all of June but the last two days we are seeing some torrent flows on even the smallest of creeks. Check out trail creek as it passes through Victor. Also, we’ve had a few houses and roads flooded out, and these pics really tell the story.

Does this mean we are screwed in our fishing? Absolutely not-you just need to be creative. I’ll be headed back to the Legacy Ranch on Wednesday with Tate Jarry and Perk Perkins. Click on the ranch just incase you don’t remember how great that trip was back in May. We will fish the lakes and they will be clear. After this jaunt, during the next few weeks I’ll hit the lakes and probably sneak back to the Ranch on the Henry’s Fork.

I’m always glad to help others with their fishing. If you need advice feel free to shoot me an email. And although I don’t guide, if you need a fishing guide for Yellowstone, Snake River, South Fork River, Green, Henry’s Fork or etc, I have great friends that are fishing guides here in Victor and Jackson, Wyoming.

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