Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Currier Under the Christmas Tree

An entire week has passed and I did not go fishing!  I’m feeling it.  But it has been catch up week.  I’ve been working on several paintings that customers have been patiently waiting on, wrote and article for an English Fly Fishing Magazine, organized some issues on my Brazil trips and I even winterized the yard. 

With Christmas sneaking up on us it’s time to think about purchasing some “Currier” product to put under the tree.  I have excellent stock of coffee mugs with my artwork on them.  These have been very popular gifts for the angler that has everything.  These hefty coffee mugs are offered with many popular fish species on them and can be viewed and ordered on mywebsite

I have plenty of Simms T-shirts with my art on them.  There are many kinds of fish to choose from including the new brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, golden trout, carp and a few bass.  Some of these are available in your choice of short sleeve or long sleeve.

I have full stock on both my books.  I’d be happy to autograph and personalize the books for you or the person you’re giving it too for Christmas. 

If you want to remember that special catch you or someone made this year, let me paint the trophy for you.  With winter in full swing here in Idaho I’m ready to paint.  Check out my watercolors and prices on my website.

Feel free to contact me about any of these items.

As for fishing, a few more days of work at home then it will be time for the South Fork.


  1. How could you leave out the Custom fly boxes?! I think I will have my better half contact you. :)

  2. Hi Erik,

    Glad you brought them up! I knew it and will do up something in a few days. We got hammered with snow since Friday night and it will ground my fishing a couple more days. Perfect to continue my art surge.

  3. Jeff-

    That is to bad about the Ice, we just went out and fished today, spectacular mahogany hatch! The fish were going crazy, and it wasn't all that easy. We had a number of fish refuse our dry fly... And nothing charges me up like a fish refusing my fly! I love the challenge... ended up going down to a 26 midge... great day!

    I will have her contact you about the box.

  4. You're fishing mahoganys and we're getting burried in snow - same state. Amazing! I'll look forward to the order.

  5. What kind of fly boxes are talking about here? Hard case with art work on them? I want one!

  6. David, go to my website and click on fly box art. I just ordered more boxes and should have them by Wednesday. Name your fish or fishes and I'll do them up with a sharpie. You'll have a killer big fly box with some original "currier" art.

  7. What a fish nice giving it to someone for Christmas.Great job Well done!

  8. I liked the tees over shown above. I would surely like to wear that.

  9. Nice fish!Great Post Glad to see you got some time to get on the water.Love the photo, too!