Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tonight - Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio

Tune in tonight November 2, 2011 at 7 PM (MT) to Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio. I will be doing a live interview about fly fishing for Peacock Bass and other Brazilian Treasures.

I’ll be talking specifically about the four different peacock bass species.

The largest (Cichla temensis) better known as tunacaré, pavon, azul, striped or speckled.

The (Cichla ocellaris) better known as the butterfly.

The (Cichla monoculus) better known as gray bar or fire belly.

And the (Cichla intermedia) better known as the royal.

I’ll also talk about many other cool species you can expect to catch such as:

Pacu – this is one of many species of pacu.

Piranha – one of many species



These are just a few of the fish you could meet while fly fishing in the Amazon!

If you want to go I have three spots left for a trip I’m hosting February 11-18, 2012. For details click:


  1. Great interview Jeff, I am not sure when I will go Peacock Bass fishing, but I have a much better idea about it.