Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Man what a month! January has been a busy one. Four Fly Fishing Shows have come and gone. Granny and I are presently flying home from NH after a ten day east coast trip. We worked the Marlboro, MA and Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Shows. Although the Marlboro show was spoiled by weather and New England football, the Somerset Fly Fishing Show was superb.

The Somerset Fly Fishing Show is the biggest fly fishing show in the world. I won’t guess how many folks came through this weekend but it was a ton. On Friday attendance records were broken big time and there were times on Saturday where I had to leave a half hour early just to get to my seminars because the aisles were so lined with people. It was really amazing.

Granny and I land in Jackson Hole tonight around 10 PM. We’re dreading the thought of digging out the Explorer then driving Teton Pass. Then there’s our driveway – we don’t even know if we can drive in. Our driveway is short but since we left home it’s done nothing but snow. Supposedly Victor got 5 feet of the white stuff in one storm! It’s all part of the adventure. No matter how tonight goes we’ll be home soon.

I’ll be home for about ten days. In the next couple days I’ll get some good snow pics from around Victor and the house and let you know how tonight went. After resting up around home a couple days I’m off ice fishing to Pinedale, WY with friends Doug McKnight and Derek DeYoung. We’re going to dunk jigs down deep in hopes of a giant lake trout. We’ll see.

My next gig is local. I’m hosting a showing of the movie “Connect” out at Teton Village, Wyoming on Wed night February 8. If you’re in range and haven’t seen this movie yet than this is the time. On February 15th it’s on the road again with a one night gig in Kalamazoo, Michigan where I’ll be presenting “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven”.


  1. That is a cool drawing on that fly box! I love the action shots!

  2. I'm getting better at the swimming fish. They are very very different to do. Much tougher! thanks