Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marlborough Fly Fishing Show

The Marlborough, MA Fly Fishing Show is in the books. This was my third consecutive year speaking here. It’s been a solid show for me and a fun one because I know a lot of folks from the area because not only did I grow up in the northeast but I’ve also spoke at clubs around here several times over the years. The one drawback however is that if you keep coming, eventually you’re going to get beat up by bad weather. And although we didn’t experience a big nor’easter, we had enough snow on Saturday, the normally “busiest show day”, to drop attendance significantly. Further more, the New England Patriots played their championship game on Sunday. And although Sunday was a good show day, it certainly would have been even better if New England’s beloved football team wasn’t playing.

The next show is this weekend, the Somerset Fly Fishing Show January 27, 28 and 29, held at the Garden State Convention Center in New Jersey. Here you can catch up with me and Granny in the fly tiers area. I won’t be tying flies but I’ll be drawing up some Cliff Fly Boxes and hopefully mixing that with a little watercolor painting. I’ll also be giving a couple presentations. On Friday at 1:30 I’ll be giving my “Warmwater Fly Fishing – Bass, Carp, Pike and Many More” and on Saturday at 10 AM I’ll be doing “Saltwater Fly Fishing – Bonefish to Billfish”. If you aren’t casting in the salt yet or chasing bass or carp with the fly these presentations are a must. I promise you they will get you psyched to start!

I’m spending a few days with my family up here on Wolfeboro Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee New Hampshire. This is the place where I grew up fly fishing for smallmouth bass, yellow perch, various sunfish and the list goes on. It’s a little frozen right now but the fish are still here and the smallie fishing continues to be fantastic. I was hoping to hit the ice a few hours while here this week but amazingly the ice is not ready despite being late January.

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