Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fly Fishing for Roosterfish - Day 3

Now that Sammy and I both have big roosters for the week we have very little pressure on us. Grant Hartman drove us a long way today to some unknown beach as kind of an exploratory day. The dirt tracks were beyond rough and the roadsides showed just how hostile this Mexican Baja desert can be.

When we got to Grants spot we scanned the shallows off the beach for cruising roosters from a high vantage point. A 20lb speedster caught my eye immediately and rather than charge down the hill after him I watched. He busted two different bait balls then ran into another smaller roosterfish. That was enough. I strategically crept down to a spot where I expected their next ambush and sure enough they came. In one confident cast I laid my fly in the zone and the smaller fish devoured my fly. After a couple smoking runs I landed him, a respectable 10lber.

You’d’ think the day would be unreal based on the way it started but Sammy and I had only a couple more casts all day. The coolest thing was however that I spotted one from the truck while driving up the beach. Sammy and Grant ran down to cast and by the time they got near the waters edge they couldn't see him. I still could and from the roof of the truck with beer in hand I directed Sammy and his cast right on the money. Fifteen minutes later he landed this 15lber.

We’ve had some awesome fishing so far. It’s been a lot of years and trips coming. Remember our last trip back in March to Ecuador was a complete bust. This is good payback to the fishes!

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