Friday, June 15, 2012

Henry's Fork Streak Continues

Thursday June 14, 2012

I arrived at Last Chance on the Henry's Fork at 4 PM and before 4:30 I caught this awesome rainbow on a Pale Morning Dun.  It’s not easy to take a pic of a huge fish by yourself but you can see he was fantastic.  Thursday’s fish was on the board.  Then it was a Ranch Party filled night.

The parking lot party with a bunch of long time old friends.  Might I add, these long time Henry’s Fork anglers are of some of the finest dry fly fishers in the world!

After sunset I had the honor of kicking off the TroutHunter Ranch Party and introducing the band “Plum Tuckered Out”.  They played into the wee hours of the morning – and yes – I was there for all of it.

Wednesday June 15, 2012

This morning came ridiculously early.  Nonetheless, I rallied some friends and after a great TroutHunter breakfast we were hiking into the Harriman Ranch on opening day before 8 AM.  I didn’t have my best game to offer the fish and only till noon to keep the streak going.  There were tons of smaller fish rising.  Finally at 11 I spotted this big boy rising and I got him to eat the same Pale Morning Dun that’s been working all week.  The streak continues!

Tonight I’m home doing some final packing for Baja and tuning up my presentation, “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven” for Henry’s Fork Day tomorrow.  My show is at 2 PM which means if I can leave my house early in the morning I should get about 3 hours of fishing and a chance to complete my challenge of at least one big fish a day on the Henry’s Fork.


  1. Looks like an awesome time! Great shots

  2. Thanks Erik. Got my last fish this morning before my talk. Stoked! I will be out of contact starting in the AM but I'll see you on the Fork next Monday night for the Marathon.