Monday, October 22, 2012

Wisconsin Muskellunge Fly Fishing 2012 - Day 2

October 20, 2012

While yesterday was a typical mid October day in Northern Wisconsin with temperatures in the 40°s and a few rain showers, today was a warmer and mostly sunny.  Whether that’s why we couldn’t budge a muskellunge to eat my fly we’ll never know.  Another possibility to our lack of success was that we had musky anglers floating ahead of us fishing lures and live suckers.  Unmolested muskies are hard enough to catch but to come up on them after someone fished a lure to them – your chances at catching them are slim. 

We saw exactly two muskies all day.  Both were over 40 inches long and the way they raised from the depths to pursue my fly will always be remembered.  They were like ghosts and the distance between their eyes was nearly a foot.  But they were far too smart to be tricked by my feathery concoction.

The only fish that even swung at my fly was this scrappy fly-wrecking Northern pike.  Northern pike sit high on the menu of big muskies.  This dude was out on the prowl which means the muskies were not.  Tomorrow is the last day.

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  1. That is quite the fly Jeff, do you have the entire fly shop of materials on that fly?!