Saturday, October 27, 2012

Currier Artwork Season

The snow has flown here in Victor, Idaho.  I won’t stop fishing.  In fact this afternoon I’ll be off to Thermopolis, Wyoming to spend two days on the Wind River with friends.  But the cold weather does slow me down and I’ve spent the last three days working on the first of many accumulated art projects.

This is a water color I did of a golden dorado for Mark Del Frate of New Mexico.  Mark caught and released this monster from a remote jungle river at the Tsimane Lodge in Bolivia.  If you haven’t caught the “freshwater” dorado yet, put them on your list.  I’ve caught them in northern Argentina in the Iberá Marsh as well as in the Paraná River.  Although I’ve not yet fished them in Bolivia, I’m going in July – pumped!  Dorado are one of the top freshwater game fish on the planet!

Now is a great time to place an order for an empty spot on your wall. 

Here are my prices and size options.


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    1. Hey Andy, have you been out to the O? The dry fly out there is great, especially if you hit the Mahogany hatch!

  2. Great job on the Dorado Jeff... you are fishing for them in July?! Who are you going with?