Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fly Fishing Seminars and Common Carp

I put on a full day fly fishing seminar for Desert Fly Casters down here in Arizona today. The group I taught consisted of all levels of fly fishers. I started with a basic fly casting demonstration and ended the day with the double haul. Not all casters believe the double haul is necessary but after showing off with some long 100 foot plus bombs with my Ross RX 5-weight rigged with my Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Expert Distance fly line, students that were on the fence were ready to learn.

The seminar went well and we ended just shy of 4. I must admit this was intentional because as expected, Steve, Cinda and I were headed for the canal where Steve and I spanked the grass carp yesterday. But our plan was rerouted. One of the students and longtime Desert Fly Caster member John Mayer suggested we go check on some of the carp around his golf course in East Mesa. Being you’re not allowed to fish on most golf courses, how could we refuse such and offer?

We had exactly an hour to fish before dark. John Mayor walked us out to a first lake and although we were on the hunt for grass carp all we saw were a few commons. I adjusted my set up and put a Red Copper John below my dry fly. Seconds after I rigged I spotted a group of small commons cruising my way. On my first attempt I hooked up and landed a small common carp.

We could have caught a few more small commons here but John took us to another lake where a rumor exists about a carp so big it scares golfers. It was near dark when we arrived and all we could see were a few moving blades of grass along the bank. I spooked the first two fish I cast at but then caught this handsome common carp on a rubber leg hares ear nymph. Not exactly big enough to scare you but a good looking carp nonetheless.

Tomorrow its search for koi.

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  1. Koi would be cool to catch, they are the “pretty”version of a carp.