Sunday, November 18, 2012

Works Done - Let's go Fishing In Belize

Today is the end of the longest period of no fishing for me since last February.  My wild run on various waters the last two months put me way behind in my work from art, organizing my winter schedule and updating my PowerPoint's for winter shows.  I buckled down however and have my “work” life back on track.  Of note, I completed two paintings for longtime customer Dan Beistel. The paintings included a black bass and this American shad, one of the biggest shad I’ve ever seen.

The other factor that kept me off the water was that I’m headed for Belize tomorrow to see my longtime friends of Belize River Lodge.  Packing for the flats always entails a bunch of preparation from rigging up tropical fly lines and tying Biminis for tarpon leaders to organizing flies for numerous different species.  I even had to tie up some Crazy Charlie’s and I’m not much of a tier.  You can go to almost any fly shop and find bonefish flies but on average they are too heavy for Belize.  Belize is true skinny water bonefishing.  So, long story short I dug out my vice and between Granny and me we tied up some very nice mono eyed Belize bonefish flies.

Our first fishing day is Wednesday and from there I’ll do my best to report.  I’m sure I’ll have internet issues and fall behind but as always, the day by day accounts will post in order when possible.  Should be excellent!