Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 9 - Passage Back to Civilization

I expected to sum this adventure up today with some special thanks and inform you how to do this trip.  Instead we have one more laugh to mention.  We had a terrible winds storm hit us around midnight this morning that devastated our camp.

Bhupe (Misty’s whitewater man) and I were doing our job, sucking down one of the last bottles of red while reminiscing about the trip.  We heard a roar of wind rolling through the canyon above us.  Sure enough the wind burst hit.  Tables flew, glass shattered and tents flapped wildly.  It wasn’t just a gust, this wind hung on. 

Through the pitch of dark, my tent mate Chris Patterson’s headlamp was headed our way.  He needed another body in our tent to hold it down.  My wine cup had long blown away so I went to assist.

Our tent was mostly collapsed by now.  Funny, Jim Klug and Whitney were flattened as well and we could hear them trying to solve their own situation next door.  Chris and I did our best to re-prop the poles then we leaped on to our cots.  This lasted a whole ten minutes before Chris’s side of the tent came crashing down again.

I went through this 11 years ago when Granny and I were nearly buried alive on the Thar Desert on the border of Pakistan and India and I wasn’t up for it again.  I knew the tent was secured even while flat and I took my cot outside and got on it and slept the best I could for the remainder of the night.  I awoke this morning to a sleeping bag full of beach sand as well as my ears, eyes and nose.

If it had been day one we’d of cried, but it was our last night and the takeout was only a mile away.  So we laughed this one off and after a chaotic wind tearing pack job we headed for Delhi.

After another exhilarating bus ride and train ride we find
ourselves sipping Kingfisher Beers back at the African Avenue Hotel in Delhi.  Tomorrow is recoup and shop day and then we catch a 3 AM flight on the 7th.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll rap this great trip up!

Being filmed doesn’t allow me to take pics.  A SPECIAL THANKS is in order to Jim Klug and Chris Patterson of Confluence Films who not only brought me on this trip but also provided most of the blog photos.

Again, please toss my old hotmail email address that I can no longer check and let’s reconnect at jeffcurrier65@gmail.com      THANKS!

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  1. It was after your wine cup blew off, and there was no hope for it to return, you decided to help... Love it!