Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phenomenal Trip Comes to an End

I’d like to thank Misty Dhillon and his outstanding staff of the Himalayan Outback for taking incredible care of myself and the rest of the Confluence Film crew.  They shared one of the remotest places left on earth and turned us on to some most memorable fish of our lives.  If you’re looking for adventure and want to add one of the greatest game fish on the planet to your list, the Himalayan Outback is your place. 

I also thank Jim Klug and Chris Patterson, founders of Confluence Films, for bringing me on this shoot.  The world is full of qualified, energetic, crazy, fish catching maniacs but they chose me.  I know how lucky I am!

I promise you won’t want to miss this latest film, Waypoints.  Not only will the film feature this unique and incredible piece about mahseer fishing in India, but Waypoints takes you for payara in Venezuela, Giant Trevally at St Brandon’s Atoll, Steelhead from Alaska and more.  This will be one of their best! 

The Premier of Waypoints takes place Worldwide on Friday November 8, 2013.  All showings will be fundraisers of some sort and if you and your cause are interested, you may contact Jim Klug at Yellow Dog to arrange a showing of your own.

A special thanks to our sponsors – Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, Simms, Costa Del Mar, The Drake Magazine, Hatch  and of course for me personally, Ross and Scientific Anglers for making sure I had the right tackle to catch some big mahseer.

Last but not least – normally I end these trips by posting a few extra photos.  I can offer much better this time.  See Jim Klug’s Slide Show from India on at his website Klug Photos.  His photos are no less than spectacular.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.  Now, I’m bound for the Blackfoot Carp Tournament.  Never stop moving!

Again, please toss my old hotmail email address that I can no longer check and let’s reconnect at      THANKS!


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