Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Global Fly Fishing - A Blog by Jeff Currier

This is the start of "Currier's" first blog. It's something I probably should have done a long time ago but knew that I'd never stay on top of it enough to make it worth it. Now it's time. And I have time now because 23 years of working in the Jack Dennis fly shop in Jackson Hole Wyoming comes to an end in a week! I'm going full time with my art, doing presentations and hosting fly fishing trips. I will be attempting to work for myself and am incredibly excited for the new challenge. With this new lifestyle I plan to put more time into my website, fish even more and keep up this blog. The blog will keep you updated with my latest fishing, artwork and whatever else cool comes up. Enjoy! Jeff

Global Fly Fishing Web Site


  1. Jeff, first of all, congrats on deciding to first join the world-wide web with your very sucessful web site (maybe I had a little influence on that decision). And now, the evolution and complimentry blog! I first met you almost 20 years ago as a fresh faced kid in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at Jack Dennis Sports Fly Shop. Let's check off just a few memories I have of you, before I'm too old to recollect ... Ya know something? I caught my first carp on a clandestine trip to an even more top secret carp empoundment with you. I've carried your fly fishing gear when you were deathly ill with some Polish creepin' crud at the World Fly Fishing Championships, way back when. By the way, I think you caught 75 or so trout that day, while I watched you dance on water. We fished in Australia, in lousy conditions, but still caught some Down Under Trout. And there are the lunches, so many of them, begging the bartender to put on the Cubbies game, sometimes they win and then once in awhile they lose. I've witnessed you evolve from a fly shop manager, to one emersed in the fly fishing life (you bum) and all that it entails. Best wishes with your books, DVDs, movies, art, lectures, new product endorsements deals, speaking engagements, casting demos and hopefully, more days on the river with you. The legacy and reputation that you have carefully crafted over the years, fish by fish, friend by friend, adventure by adventure, is truly now starting to bloom. Let's not forget, that much of this would have never happened without your beautiful, gracious and loving wife, Granny. Your friend, Ken

  2. To Jeff, you just got a brilliant decision. With this start of what you're doing now, your fly fishing with totally be spread globally. Keep updating your website.

  3. Congrats Jeff hope you have fun traveling around Fly Fishing. Man am I jealous.