Wednesday, October 21, 2009

High on Fish, Super Glue and Harriman Ranch

In a week I leave for California to speak at the Long Beach Casting Club and then fish the Southern California coast for a few days before heading to Baja. The main focus of Baja is to catch a striped marlin on the fly! That's a tough itinerary to pack for and today I dedicated 12 hours to getting ready. All I can say is I rigged a bunch of RIO fly lines on Ross Reels and my hands are scared from numerous Whipped Loops, Bimini Twists and I have a serious buzz from all the Pliobond and Zap-A-Gap I sniffed. Nonetheless, I'm nearly ready.

Tomorrow I leave early to take my Doc, Dennis Butcher, on a
carp trip to pay him back for my last physical years ago! And hell, perhaps Thursday I'll fish the Harriman Ranch, on the Henry's Fork one more time!

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