Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surgeon General Reports Cure for 'Cabin Fever'

What has over 3,300 files, 1,375 pictures, 8,900 internal hyperlinks, big fish stories (we don't talk about the dinks), a compilation of fly fishing news reports, flyfishing movies, excerpts from fly fishing books, personal recommendations for products, outfitters, guides, fish art work, travelogues from the far corners of the earth and believe it not, much, more more?

The answer? It's my personal website,
Jeff Currier, Global Fly Fishing. It would be cool if you would take a short visit to my web site, poke around a bit and find something to read on that snowy Sunday evening, which just might might turn those mid winter doldrums into an action plan for your own fly fishing adventure, next spring.

Global Fly Fishing Web Site

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