Monday, July 26, 2010

Artic Grayling

July 22, 2010

Day 13

I’m sitting at the Oslo airport in Norway homeward bound. I can’t wait to get on planes for the next 20 hours so I can sleep!

Yesterday Vladi and I fished the Trysilelva River for Arctic grayling. We slept in and started about 9 am. It was nice to end the trip with a casual day of fishing. Even though nymphing was by far the best method to catch fish I fished an elk hair caddis throughout the day. If the grayling wanted my dry they could have it and if not I relaxed on the bank and watched Vladi vacuum the river. He used three of his gorgeous nymphs at the same time and the method of nymphing referred to as “Polish Nymphing.” The method that Vladi is famous for. He tore them up! He is undoubtedly the best at nymphing I’ve ever seen.

We whacked three 13” grayling and had them for dinner as a treat from the pasta we’ve lived on for nearly two weeks. It was delicious, skin, bones and all (that’s the way Vladi does it as not to waste any meat). Then we slept two hours and drove slow and carefully as to avoid many moose on the way to the Oslo Airport. It’s been a remarkable trip!

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