Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robbing the Cradle

July 18, 2010

Day 9

The weather has changed. We woke up to a downpour and much colder temps. Throughout the day we had rain and sun and lots of wind. As planned, we slept in and then relaxed and drank our coffee in the salmon shed over looking the Orkla River next to where we are camped. Than at 9 am we went and got our waders disinfected and bought me a permit. Once again, Vladi is going to be a spectator.

My permit for the Orkla River started at 11 am and like on the Gaula, it runs for twenty four hours. It was great to be on some new water. Much of the beat is fast and deep and I used my Rio StreamerTip DC 300gr to get my fly down. At the lower end of the beat the fast water gives way to a magnificent deep pool. All in all it’s an interesting beat with a lot of character. And to top it off, the scenery is fantastic. It’s very wet here and all the rocks are covered with bright green moss. There’s thick forest on both sides of the river and moose poop everywhere.

It’s about 10 pm now. I fished about ten of the eleven hours so far. I just start at the top and swing different flies all the way down to the bottom. It takes me about an hour to fish the whole beat. Then I walk back up and do it all again. There is no one else here so I have it entirely to myself. I saw only about three fish free jump all day and never got a bite. They were big boys so it keeps me going. But overall I’m losing confidence and considering quitting on the hunt for a big salmon and going inland to grayling fish.

Actually I did catch some fish today. First thing this morning I caught a small brown trout. He was stunning in colors. Then I noticed a lot of little guys chasing my fly at the end of the swing. They were too small to eat my salmon fly so earlier this evening I grabbed my 4-weight and a nymph and caught few of them. They were baby salmon referred to as parr. They were gorgeous little guys and kept me entertained for an hour. I landed another brown trout too.

Vladi and I just finished dinner. Vladi is going to sleep and I am heading out for couple more passes through the beat. I’m not sleepy and I have a feeling. We’ll see.

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