Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Fly Rods are Confused

As winter keeps on delivering its early punch, catching up on my work continues to take priority over fishing. There’s a good chance I’ll get over to the South Fork with friends Tom Montgomery and Paul Bruun later this week as we see a window of 30 degree temperatures. We haven’t fished together in awhile so hopefully we make it happen. In the meantime its paint away and update PowerPoint presentations for several Fly Fishing Shows I speak at starting in January.

Earlier this week I did two miniature watercolors for a shadow box that will be a gift for the president of a fly fishing club I frequently speak at. They were little 5” x 7” paintings, one a rainbow and one a largemouth bass. I’m presently finishing up a watercolor of a black and white Llewellyn setter named “Bernie”. While the layers of paint dry on “Bernie” I nibble away on my “Trout Bumming the World” show. It’s a popular PowerPoint program I’ve been presenting for years, but before each season I update it with new material. I’m presently adding a segment about an incredible Mongolia expedition I was on a couple years ago. A few taimen pictures and stories along with some photos of lenok, pike and grayling will be cool as heck!

Our crab apple trees continue to please the local birdlife and today we even had a few mule deer in the yard. It’s not often we have deer in town but the last few years there’s been a few along with the occasional moose. The deer are ok as so far they only eat my apples, but the moose is a completely different deal. They make dinner out of my actual trees and that leads to some ugly snowball fights!

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