Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Miss Wed Night

From the heat of Africa to a backyard blizzard. It's been snowing and blowing like crazy today. I think I'll keep the tigerfish slime on me and save a trip to the South Fork for later in the week. I wanted to let you know, tomorrow night at 7 PM MT I am being interviewed on Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio. I'll be talking about my Africa trip and how you too can go catch a tigerfish. It should be great fun. Just tune in relax!

Today's photo is my backyard full of sharptail grouse. They show up during the first winter storm every year and demolish all my crab apples. Fun to watch but they better be careful, I like a little upland bird hunting now and then!


  1. Poacher! Sharpyail season closes Nov 1!

    Cool pics from Africa. Although you guys are crazy standing in crocodile water for fish pictures!

    From Johnny Scott

  2. Johnny, how about that trip to the Wildlife we've been talking about for a year?? Headen to the SF today before the big snow rolls in.

  3. How bout this week after work one night? I'll call ya.