Friday, January 28, 2011

Glad to be Home

After rolling in late Tuesday night from an intense three week show circuit I was glad to put my feet up in my own house, drink some pressed coffee and watch my hungry birds (these are Evening Grosbeaks) indulge after a period of empty feeders. When I left on January 5th it got light out at 7:30 AM but now it gets light at 7. The best thing about a busy January is that it flies by and the cold dark days are gone before you know it.

I dragged on my bird watching for about two hours then the relaxation ended and I was back at it. I don’t mean traveling already, but rather unpacking, answering emails and calls, paying bills, shoveling the driveway (thank goodness for Granny!) and the list goes on and on. You know how it is when you are away from home.

Today, I’m nearly caught up and I’m packing for Baja. Yes at the and of every tunnel there is light and on Sunday morning I’ll be catching the early one for Salt Lake City where I’ll meet Sam Vigneri. Then we’ll fly to Cabo and by 3 PM we’ll be headed up the coast of Mexico with Grant Hartman to fish for a week.

Huge surf and cooler than normal water temps have thrown a twist in our trip. What was planned to be a hunt for giant Pacific Snook has turned into a hunt for fishable water and take anything you can get. But that’s fishing and ok with us. I’ve been working like a dog and Sammy always does, so a break from work and getting out of the cold is all we really need. My kind of blogs coming soon!

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