Sunday, January 30, 2011

Out of the Snow into the Sun

Sammy and I are in SLC waiting for our flight to Baja. Things are lookin good! It's likely I won't have internet most of the week but I will do reports day by day when I can even if its when I get home!

We Made it

January 30, 2011 PM

It’s bedtime so this report will be short and sweet. We're in Lapaz at a hotel. That’s about three hours south of where we wanted to be tonight. Grant Hartman picked Sammy and me up at the San Jose Los Cabos Airport promptly at 3 PM and we hopped in his truck and headed straight north. Our intentions were to drive 5 hours up to Ciudad Constitucion. Well, let’s just say we didn’t make it.

Nothing bad happened, no flat tires or engine breakdown. However, it looks like I’ve hit another election day (Remember the Election Day in Zanzibar back in November?). I’m not sure who Leonel is or what he’s running for but we got caught in stop and go traffic of cheering, honking, banner holding citizens that were voting for Leonel. Even with Grants Nascar racer like passing maneuvers we lost at least two hours. At sunset (which is at 6) we were driving through La Paz and decided to call it. All three of us were exhausted and driving in Baja at night is a big no no. So instead of completing the drive to CC we got a hotel and Sammy took us to a great restaurant called Buffalos Bar-B-Q where we devoured fresh souchie and huge steaks. Now I’m so tired I probably won’t be able to sleep but I’m ready to try. We’ll be up early in the AM and hoping to fish by noon. Life is so damn good!

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