Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - 2010 will be Hard to Beat

It was a daunting task writing a story about every single day of fishing in 2010. There’s well over 100! I have typed away at my computer at least some 300 hours this year for my blog alone!

Is blogging worth it? I often ask myself that, especially when I should be working on my art or sorting and editing photos from recent expeditions. Granny thinks I’m crazy because of the hours I put in. She’d like to see me do more with my art or write another book or worst, get a normal job. She just doesn’t see the value in a blog.

Last night I was piecing together a PowerPoint presentation about my trip to Canada back in June. I used several cameras that trip and found it difficult remembering the order of events. Numerous times, I used my blog as a reference. Before I knew it, I read the complete day by day account of the trip and found myself completely reminiscing. It was pretty cool. And because I enjoyed it so much, I’ve decided I’m going to continue with the blog even if Granny thinks I’m nuts. I just hope the rest of you enjoy the reads also or she's right again.

About a week or so ago I asked what were some of the favorite blogs of 2010. Although I didn’t hear enough feedback on my question, I did get some.

Hands down, the favorite blog of the year was “The HF Marathon”.

The close runner up was "The Unknown Specie and a Monster".

And third was "Tiger Island and Mikey's Bar".

Third through fifth were all close so I’ll tell you that "Everything but Roosters" was fourth and "The Moment of Truth", one of the most memorable fishing days of my life, was fifth. I just think I was too tired to write it as well as it happened.

For now enjoy theses stories that were top fishing days of 2010. Although I’m busy as heck getting ready to hit the pavement for the rest of the month, in the next few days I’ll try to organize pictures of the best fish of 2010.

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