Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Last Day

April 17

Madagascar – Day 18

The South African girls let out a loud scream last night just as we all settled to our rooms. They had a gigantic spider in their room. You may remember, I wrote of one we had in our room in Tanzania last November. I even posted a picture for you too see. This one was different however the bottom line is this is one heck of a big scary looking spider. The girls, with plenty of spider experience from living in Africa, were trying to push him out of their room, and like large antagonized spiders often do, he attacked. Supposedly these spiders (looks like the huntsman of Australia) rarely bite but when provoked enough they can easily take a chunk out of you. Luckily girls survived and they finally got him out. I just pray he doesn’t head our way. Although, he just might help with the mosquito problem we have every time we use our toilet!

It was absolutely pouring this morning. It rains a little every night and then just before sunrise, but today was the first time it carried on. For a guy nicknamed “Monsoon Currier”, we’ve been very fortunate and experienced superb weather. In fact, not a single day has been hampered with rain until today. The rain didn’t matter much however because today was truly designed to be our absolute “do nothing day”. What that means is fish, sleep, eat and perhaps a cold drink or two. And that’s exactly what we did. The only pressure I had was – catch a fish to keep the perfect record going! With that in mind, I pretty much fished every free minute I had today. Granny even joined in a few times and we really pumbled the waters around the island. Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything great. Just several of what appear to be baby grunts of some kind, and I do mean babies, Along with these I caught one of the common blackspot emperor fish. I made my last cast of the trip just before dark.

That’s about the size of today. It never stopped raining for more than 30 minutes or so but we relaxed and enjoyed the last day immensely. It has been a great trip right up to the end. Tomorrow at 5 AM we begin the long journey home. We will start with a mornings travel from Isle Aux Nattes to Isle Saint Marie and then a short flight to Antananarivo where we will spend the day before our flight to Johannesburg. I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Living is South Africa must bring a different mind set towards spiders... Here in America, I would of killed it with out thinking twice about it. But I am not a spider guy. Thanks for keeping the record going for us... we had your back the entire time with no doubt whatsoever. Travel safe.

  2. Many thanks for a fascinating Madagascar blog Jeff. One of our friends (Cassie) has been following it with interest, and I am not sure if she has ever fished. She especially liked the chameleon shots. Safe travels. Pat

  3. Howdy all! I'm sure glad everyone is enjoying. It's hard work posting but it works as my journal and I can look back on the trip forever.

    Just because this trips about over, don't think for a minute the blog will slow down. It's time for trout fishing, a trip to Yellowstone to check on the bears and at the end of May it's back to Baja for roosterfish and whatever else wil eat the fly. Time to travel home . . .