Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earning Our Way There

Hopefully the hardest part of the journey to the Galapagos Islands was the drive across Wyoming yesterday. I crossed the border of Idaho into Wyoming four miles from my house and trudged my way up and over Teton Pass over snow covered roads. Those four inches of snow in Victor added up to over a foot at the higher elevations. Then through Teton Park up towards Moran Junction the Explorer shook like a bumpy flight as I got nailed by high winds and wind blown snow. Needless to say the roads were hard packed ice and I literally had to crawl along. Then there was heavy snow on Toghatee Pass creating less than poor visibility followed by 200 miles of more wind and snow across the high elevation Wyoming desert. It took me six hours to instead of the normal four hours to get from Victor, Idaho to Casper, Wyoming.

I was relieved to get to Sammy’s house and load up in his truck and let him take over the driving the rest of the way to Denver. However, Sammy was so excited to be heading marling fishing that he was little heavy on the pedal. We got pulled over by the State police for doing 83 MPH only about 50 miles from Casper.

We made it to Denver at around 11 last night. We got a reasonable night sleep and are presently flying to Miami where tonight we will catch the flight to Guayaquil, Ecuador. So far today is running incredibly smooth!

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  1. I can understand Sammy’s need for speed! It bet it will be nice to get out of the snow!