Friday, March 2, 2012

Sneaky Surf Perch of Laguna Beach

March 1 & 2

Sorry for the lag in blogs here folks. The California road trip has taken its toll. It’s been great but finding time for anything other than being prepared for the next show and the variety of presentations I’m doing has been hard. Granny and I snuck in some fishing and relaxed for a whopping 24 hours at our friends Karl and Tina Weber’s down here on Laguna Beach. They have a wonderful house right on the beach. We went out to eat and just had a terrific time with them.

Last year I raked in the surf perch but this year was not the same. I literally caught one minnow. Yes, a minnow. Some sardine looking thing that when he struck I set and unfortunately he flew behind me and slammed into the rocks. That was it. An evening and a morning of casting the 8-weight off the beach with no surf perch at all.

Time to head for the Pasadena Fly Fishing Show. Then we go home!

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  1. Ha ha ha, did the fish survive, is it swimming with a limp now?