Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Locked Out

Granny and I should have been driving the Route 1 along the coast of California first thing today but instead we were sitting in an auto glass place in Novato, California. Last night I spoke to the North Bay and the MT. Tamalpais Fly Fishing Clubs about fly fishing in Yellowstone. Unfortunately about three hours before my speech I locked the keys in the Explorer. We have two spare sets but both were in the car! Idiot!

I have plenty of excuses, none that made life any easier. We called a locksmith that guaranteed our rescue in 35 minutes which would have given us plenty of time to make my show. He never showed and an hour before show time I found a rock and smashed out my own window. *******!!!!

To make a long story short, we made it to a wonderful dinner with our hosts Larry and Kathy Lack and even made it to my show and the presentation went without a hitch. As always I met and visited with a lot of great folks and had a blast.

At 1 PM Granny and I raced out of Novato down the 101 and we find ourselves in San Louis Obispo, California. We are about to hit the town. We’ve driven through this remote CA coastal city many times before but after tonight we will know it.

Tomorrow we drive to Laguna Beach and visit our friends Tina and Karl Weber that own the Gros Ventre River Ranch in Wyoming. I should get a few surf perch right in front of their beachside winter house!

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  1. You smashed your own window out, NOW THAT IS DEDICATION! I bet you were not happy about that. And if the Lock smith was as dedicated, there would not have been a problem.