Thursday, February 16, 2012


I flew into Grand Rapids, Michigan late last night. My friend Terry Wittorp picked me up and we drove an hour or so to his house which is on the Sister Lakes. This morning Terry took me to St. Joseph on the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a windy drizzly day but we had it in us to risk a walk out onto one of the piers where we visited some of the local anglers dredging spawn to catch lake whitefish, coho salmon and brown trout. The dead fish picture isn’t something I like to promote but trust me, fishing the docks of Lake Michigan in the dead of winter doesn’t attract anglers that will put them in the freezer and never eat them. These fish won’t go to waste.

I love visiting the Great Lakes region. Whenever I’m here I think back to my Northland College days living in Ashland, Wisconsin. I had the privilege of experiencing some remarkable fishing that few ever get to see. The fishing up here is a lot better than most know.

This evening Terry and I will head up to Kalamazoo where I will give my presentation “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven” to the Kalamazoo Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I’ve spoke here before and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Tomorrow Terry and I are going fishing. Where? We don’t know. Originally we planed to ice fish for crappie but the ice is rotten because of the freak warm weather in the region. I’m sure we will get some good ideas from the Chapter folks tonight.

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