Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Back Roads of Nevada

Granny and I are on our way to Fresno, California where I start a ten day speaking tour. Whenever I do a multiple day road trip by car I take a good look at the towns I may end up overnighting in along the way. I check them out on Google and search out a good restaurant or bar. Somewhere that can provide a little local flavor and culture. Last night Granny and I hit the famous Martin Hotel for dinner and drinks in the sleepy town of Winnemucca, Nevada. We needed to blow some steam after a grueling 500 mile drive from Victor, Idaho that included 100 miles of treacherous icy roads followed by seven hours of rain – those windshield wipers start to wear you down. All I can say is the food, drink and locals were fantastic!

Despite the entertaining evening, Granny and I got and early start this morning to continue our road trip. Based on the advice of some locals we met at the Martin Hotel Bar last night, Granny and I drove off the beaten path a bit. Instead of taking Interstate 80 all the way to Sacramento then south to Fresno we got off Route 80 ninety miles west of Winnemucca and took Route 93 South to Fallon, Nevada. Then we snuck over to Carson City and into California and over Carson Pass. We rolled in to Fresno at about 5 tonight. It was an awesome drive that took us through some incredible remote high desert, a snowy mountain pass and then finally the relentless traffic of California’s Route 99.

Tomorrow night I’ll speak to the Fresno Fly Fishing Club about Yellowstone and then Granny and I will make a late night drive to Pleasanton, CA for the three day Fly Fishing Show. I’ll be there all three days doing a variety of presentations and casting demonstrations. Busy busy. . .


  1. Looks like you had a clear sky with no snow!

  2. The miles don't hurt when the fishing are the finish.
    Good luck on the road!

  3. Great Job today, Jeff, on the fly casting and photo-taking seminar at the Pleasanton show. Learned some good tips.
    Always fun to see you and Granny.
    Susan and Fred

  4. There are so few of us serious carpers out here. it was nice to get a
    a fresh perspective at your carp presentation. It opened my eyes to
    Dry flies and that I need to capitalize on those surface fish more.
    Awesome slide show too! Really enjoyed it.

  5. Glad you all enjoyed this weeks seminars! I get to striper fish tomorrow. Can't wait. Then right back at it for another week of shows. It should be fun though. Likeing the warm weather of CA.