Friday, February 10, 2012

Competition Days - Once Upon a Time

Few know much about the past of “Currier” fly fishing. One terrific chapter was when I had the great privilege of competing on the world stage. In my five years of competing I had the opportunity to fish the best trout and grayling waters the world has to offer. It was truly unreal!

I was recently interviewed by Dejon Hamann. Dejon asked me all the right questions about my competition career and the end result an article I thought all of you would enjoy.

I’m finally headed for the ice this weekend. Expect a fun post on Monday and let’s hope either myself of my buddy are holding a big lake trout!


  1. That is an awesome article, and some good advice. One questions, in one picture all the guys are standing to take a picture, and you are hunched over, what were you doing?

  2. Looks to me like I was late to get in the pic - lots of momentum so I was kind of putting on the brakes.

  3. Awesome piece of history. Thanks for sharing Jeff.