Friday, August 24, 2012

After Surgery - Good News and Bad

A quick note to update Dad. 

It's Friday and we are still in Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital despite an Dad's expected release yesterday.  While the brain surgeon says the actual surgery went very well, Dads recovery is going poorly and he will continue to be hospitalized until at least Monday.  My family and I have been here most of the time since we brought him in at 5 AM on Wednesday.  The only time we leave is at night to rest up at the Days Inn.

He is very confused, barely awake and can not do anything.  Its scary as hell but the doctors say he'll be ok.  The slow recovery is due to his age and original shape.  And as we expected to, an hour ago we were informed that the earliest he might leave the hospital will be Monday.  On that note, I may take a break and wander around this area with Moms car, find some water and make a few casts.

Thanks everyone for the notes, calls and emails and thinking of Dad.


  1. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am sure it will be a speedy recovery. Everyone knows you can't keep a Currier from wetting a line for very long!

  2. continued support for all of your family. sometimes clearing your head helps those around you too. thanks for the update

  3. Thanks fellas. I did get out and caught two gorgeous largmouths and a chain pickerel. No new progress today with dad.