Monday, August 27, 2012


According to the surgeon my Dads brain surgery for his Parkinson’s disease was routine. Brain surgery routine? Seemed hard to believe from my end. But the Doctor assured us he’d have his surgery last Wednesday and remarkably we’d be taking him home to recoup on Thursday. Then he’d be going back for the simple second surgery this Friday. This whole ordeal was going to be so easy that I assumed Dad would be watching me fish the docks around Wolfeboro today before my flight home tomorrow.

The only thing that has gone right so far was that Dads brain surgery proceeded on Wednesday. Going home Thursday didn’t happen. Nor could Dad go home Friday. On Friday when Dad still couldn’t open his eyes, talk, barely move a muscle or even notice that his family was there with him we were told he’d need to be rehabbed through the weekend so he could go home Monday. I and the family were at the hospital all weekend and no rehabbing was done and Dad got mediocre care at best when we weren’t around. We got a constant runaround from the nursing staff.

With me scheduled to fly back to Idaho tomorrow I wanted Dad to be dramatically improved when we arrived today. Good news – his brain was the most alert it’s been since the surgery. He asked a few questions. Two of importance was why wont his eyes open and when can I go home. He’s in there thank God. But he has been in bed for almost a week now and he’s so weak he needs help. Mom and I encouraged him to lift his arms and move his legs and these moves are nearly impossible for him. And the rehab the hospital talked about on Friday – it doesn’t exist.

We are so frustrated with the way things are going that I’ve postponed my flight another week. Dad and the family need me here. Now that Dad’s head is back he’s very sad about his situation and was very sad saying goodbye to me yesterday. I have high hopes that when I see him tomorrow and I tell him I’m not leaving that he’ll spike up and get better this week. We are not sure what the Doctors plan is for this second part of the surgery.

This is hell.


  1. Jeff,
    My thoughts are with you and your family as you go through this difficult situation. Sounds as if your dad is ready to be out of the hospital and fishing with you, hopefully that will be soon.
    Stay strong,

  2. Thanks Pierre. I'm happy to say I think Dad tured the corner for the good today. It will be slow but I honestly think he will recover. Thanks again