Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Break from Dartmouth

Last night was the first time we left Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital. As a family we opted to leave Dad and return to Mom’s house in Wolfeboro for a good break. When we got there after the two hour drive there was still two hours of daylight. I paddled my canoe to Back Bay and fished till dark. The fishing is nothing like it was back in May but I caught a couple largemouth bass and a chain pickerel.

As far as Dads condition, when we returned to the hospital this morning we were disappointed. He still hasn’t changed since the surgery. He basically can’t do anything. We spoke with some rehab folks but it’s the weekend and they don’t have much staff on the weekends to work with him and we are advised not to move him much. His surgeon was off today but the intern covering says this is normal. We do not like this much so far. We returned all the way back to Wolfeboro again tonight and will head back in the morning.

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