Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Busy January Comes to an End

January 2013 will go down as my busiest ever with 17 talks starting in Denver and ending last night on my home turf right here in Teton Valley for Teton Valley Trout Unlimited.  We had a great night and I thanks all that attended. 

Tomorrow I head for Kansas City, Missouri to do a full day fly fishing seminar for the Heart of America Fly Fishers on Saturday.  I’ll be doing fly casting and knot demonstrations and my PowerPoint shows “Four Seasons of the Yellowstone Trout Bum”, “Saltwater Fly Fishing”, “Warmwater Fly Fishing” and if there’s time, “Fly Fishing in and Around Jackson Hole”.  If you live near you do not want to miss this.  Click here for details.

Lots of work and no fishing so far this year.  Don’t lose the faith.  Wednesday I leave for the Amazon and will be fishing February 9-15.  That will liven up this blog once again!


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  2. Not sure why my post deleted...knock em dead in the Amazon Jeff!

  3. Whats the Amazon Stillwater scene like, Jeff? Mainly chironomids? :-)

  4. Thanks David. I'll give her heck. Drumsnfishes, this a peacock bass trip on the Amazon River. You'll see on the blog in the very near future what its all about.