Monday, January 28, 2013

Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show Recap

If you’ve never visited one of the famous Fly Fishing Shows you’re missing out.  These great events take place during January and February at various locations throughout the US.  This past weekend was the biggest of all in Somerset, New Jersey.  I believe more than 10,000 fly fishers passed through the doors over three days.

At these shows you can catch presentations and seminars from many of the fly fishing pros from Dave Whitlock to Lefty Kreh.  Yes, Lefty was in Somerset giving PowerPoint talks and casting demonstrations even though he’s nearly 90!

Another great fly fisher, author, casting guru and longtime friend of mine there was Joe Humphreys.  I guided Joe in Jackson Hole in 1987 and you could say he adopted me during his visit.  I was a madman fly fisher in my 20’s and he was the same in his 60’s.  We hit it off and have stayed friends all the years.  Joe turned 84 last weekend.

I had a great weekend giving presentations on saltwater fly fishing and fly fishing for carp.  I also did sharpie fish art on more than a dozen fly boxes.  I drew everything from brown trout to striped marlin and many more - all this while visiting and yakking it up with friends.  Many folks brought their own boxes like Skyler pictured here with a largemouth bass about to eat his favorite popper.  It was awesome but no lie – I’m exhausted. 

Today it’s relax here in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire then fly back to Idaho tomorrow.  Wednesday night I speak to my local Teton Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter in Driggs.  It will be great to be home – till Friday anyhow!

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  1. Looks like you had a good time Jeff, I love the bass about to eat the popper!