Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Gig for Awhile

Speaking to the fly fishers in Boise, Idaho is always a blast. I was there since Friday night as part of weekend fly fishing seminar with friends Phil Rowley and Pete Erickson. We started out Friday night with a visit to the Boise Cabelas store where I painted up a cutthroat while folks watched. Then we spent Saturday and Sunday giving a mix of PowerPoint presentations, casting demos and even some knot tying. I spoke about fly fishing photography, saltwater fly fishing, warmwater fly fishing and even entertained with some adventure programs.

I just walked in the door after a long 6 hour drive from Boise. The drive was a tough one on mostly slushy, snowy and icy roads. I’m beat but I need to unpack and then pack. No rest for this boy - it’s time for Madagascar!

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  1. Fantastic presentation, I wish I was there for the first day, only I had to work.