Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rescheduled and Scheduled

The weather caused cancellation of my hosted Brazil trip this week was about as much as I could handle. There was less than 48 hours before take off. It’s not in my make up to handle such a let down or for as much emailing, talking on the phone and paperwork as I had to do and deal with these past few days. As an angler that simply hosts cool trips on occasion, dealing with the disaster was a true test of endurance. But it’s done. I sprung the horrible news on all my guests. I helped them cancel airline tickets. And today I got us rescheduled. We will be in the Amazon December 3-10, 2011. It’s a long way away but changing the plan to avoid the floods was the smart move and fortunately my guests are well traveled and realized I had no control of the situation.

The floods in the Amazon are very unusual for this time of year. Now is towards the end of the dry season and typically the water levels are extremely low on the rivers we fish. Usually the water is clear enough that we sight cast to huge peacocks. But it is the Amazon. It is the rainforest and sometimes Mother Nature can throw a twist. We’ll just have to hope that everything gets back to normal for next year. Did I say “next year”? Yes I did. Amongst my rescheduling of this years trip, I went ahead and booked next year’s trip. The dates for 2012 are February 11-18 and I already signed up two. So if you’re ready to enjoy this incredible fishery, contact me soon!


  1. Bummer sorry to hear that your trip was canceled Jeff. Sounds like a nightmare, I'm sure it's better to be safe than sorry with all that water!

  2. Yes its a bummer. But it was definitley the right move. When the Amazon it right its so good you can't believe it. I want my group to see it at its best. I have a great feeling about December!