Monday, May 23, 2011

Be in Shape

I’ve always been an advocate of being prepared for a fishing trip. Being in good physical shape for a trip is as important as the equipment itself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the annual trout trip to Yellowstone, a tarpon trip to the Key’s, or like this week, a trip to Baja for roosterfish. Well, I didn’t follow my own rule. I knew damn well that I’d be running up and down the beach all this week yet I have not done much running the last few weeks. All I’ve been doing is working on the computer and painting. I could have easily taken an hour or so every day and ran or hiked up hill. I should have been on the weights and on my exercise ball keeping the body core at its best. But after today, its evident that I will have less opportunities to cast to big roosters because I just cant get to everyone I normally would. However, despite the lack of my usual stamina, I still cover more ground than most and nailed a nice rooster to start the day.

My rooster of today actually appeared while I was stripping back a cast I made to a reasonably size hound fish (giant needlefish). The hound simply turned away and as I continued my strip trying to regain his interest a rooster showed up with his comb dorsal erected. I stopped my fly, stripped again and then he ate it in the pause. Then there was that look of surprise on the roosters face as the hook sank in (probably similar to the surprise on mine). He hesitated for two seconds then took for the seas and my Saltwater Sharkskin line left the reel in a trail of backing. Five minutes later I landed a respectable “first rooster of the trip”.

It was a great day today. Grant took us to the right place. We saw plenty of roosters including several quality ones. This included one well over 30lbs that ate Sammy’s fly. He struck like he should but unfortunately the fly pulled loose. It happens. Rooster fishing in Baja is one of the toughest fishing venues you can do.

Sammy ended up catching a twin rooster to mine. We also caught Pacific Jack Crevalle, houndfish and ladyfish. A killer Day 1 despite being a little out of shape. Incase you’re wondering, I was in excellent shape for Madagascar last month. All I can say is that now that I’m well into my 40’s, getting in shape takes a long time and getting out of shape happens in a flash!

We’re back to the beach in the morning. Stay tuned!


  1. That is fantastic, I would love to go rooster fishing some time. And apparently if I do I need to prepare for the sprinting.