Tuesday, May 3, 2011


April 20

Madagascar – Day 21

It was a grunt to put it lightly. First was our rainy pirogue ride from Isle Aux Nattes to Isle Saint Marie (15 Minutes). Then a taxi ride to the airport (10 minutes). We were soaked. Then we flew to Antananarivo (1 hour). We stayed overnight there (15 hours). Then we waited for our late flight to Johannesburg (6 hours) Next we flew to Nosy Be, Madagascar (1 hour) Emigration (2 hours). The flight from Nose Be to Johannesburg (4 hours). In and out of South Africa (1 hour). Flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta (17 hours) Layover in Atlanta (2 hours) Flight Atlanta to Salt Lake City (4 hours) Layover (4 hours) Flight Salt Lake City to Jackson, WY ( 1 hour) Drive from Jackson to Victor, Idaho (1 hour).

And what did we do when we got home? We went to the Wildlife Brewery for pizza and beer! You got to be tough!

The trip to Madagascar was fantastic! Here are a few more photos from the trip!

In May you can expect some trout fishing, bears in Yellowstone than back to Baja.


  1. Did you get that close to a alligator? Great pics!

  2. Forgot to ask... did you get the 15lb wooden-lemur home?

  3. Fantastic trip Currier! You guys needed to stay longer...I wasn't ready for the trip to be over. Trying to make plans to visit this summer. Got the outdoor wiffleball lighting in working order?

  4. Welcome home world travelers and thanks again for sharing your experiences. Pat

  5. Howdy everyone. It's always good to be home, snow, sleet, rain or work! Erik, yes Grannys artifact made it home. And, Powow, the lights on the whiffle ball field are the same but as you know its even for both teams. I can't wait to drill that first ball over the house!

    Thanks again everyone for keeping tabs on us and get ready for big fish, bears and whatever else lands.